What is BlogList Malaysia?
BlogList Malaysia aims to gather interesting and informative Malaysian blogs. Latest blog posts from chosen blogs will be displayed in a list so you can read great articles easily from your fellow Malaysian friends.
This sounds interesting! How do I join?
Simply click on the Submit button on top. If you are qualified, you will be notify. You may also submit interesting blogs that you would like to share with others!
When can I start using BlogList Malaysia?
Only user with access code can have a sneak peak currently. Alternatively, if your blog is chosen, you will have an access code to manage your blog listing. Don't worry about waiting too long, we are launching soon. Stay tuned!
28 June 2015: Second to last batch of access codes will be given out this week before the official launch. Sit tight.
Please key in your access code to gain access.
Request Invitation
If you think you got what it takes to be listed, submit your blog to us. We will notify you when your blog is approved. You may also submit blogs you loved and we will inform the blog owner when they got approved.
Basic Requirements:
  • Blogger must be Malaysian and have blog written in Chinese, English or Malay.
  • Does not contain offensive content, illegal material and plagiarized content.
  • Posted at least twice a month for the past 3 months.
  • Have rss feed setup with at least one image on most of the posts.
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